Committee Members

CLAC Fundraiser

This committee designs, plans and produces the annual CLAC Fundraiser. This event is an important Chapter fundraiser. Time commitment: Meetings as necessary and attendance at the August event.

Tiffany McCall, MBA, CCAM

committee co-chair
Seabreeze Managagement Company AAMC

Elaine Gower

committee co-chair
The Naumann Law Firm, PC

Community Expo

This committee designs, plans and stages the Community Expo events and virtual Reverse Trade Shows. These events are primary educational venues for managers and association board members. Time commitment: Monthly meetings and attendance at Expo events.

Michelle Caldwell

Committee chair
epipe pipe restoration

Community Outreach

This committee is responsible for developing community projects which benefit communities in Los Angeles County and enhance CAI’s image. Time commitment: Monthly meetings and attendance at community outreach events.


committee co-chair
Aeroscopic Environmental Inc.


Committee co-chair
The Management Trust

Executive Leadership Summit

This committee plans and stages the annual Executive Leadership Summit, a one-day elevated educational conference for management company executives. Time commitment: As necessary.

Karen Kokowicz, CCAM®, CMCA®, PCAM®

Committee co-chair
Coro Community Management & Consulting


This committee monitors the Chapter’s financial status and periodically reports the financial health to the board of directors. Members also explore ways to improve the Chapter’s fundraising results. Time commitment: As necessary.

Nels atha, cmca®, ams®, pcam®

committee chair
common interest services, inc.


The Golf Tournament Committee plans and stages the annual Golf Tournament. which is the Chapter’s largest fund-raiser. Time commitment: A couple of meetings early in year and then bi-weekly meetings starting in late-August/early-September. through event date. Do you like to play golf?

jeff koscher

Committee Co-chair

Randy Bratton

Committee co-chair
John Forbes Farmers Agency

Homeowner Leader Education

This committee updates and maintains materials for the Board Leadership Workshops, evening HOA educational seminars and advanced homeowner education programs. Members also train and organize the facilitators. Additional responsibilities include finding new ways to bring education to Community Association Homeowner Leaders, including classes at community colleges. This committee comprises Homeowner Leaders and Managers. Time commitment: Meetings as needed.

Gary Choppe, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

Committee chair

Legislative Support

The Legislative Support Committee supports CAI’s lobbying efforts in Sacramento at the local level by disseminating information to members, fund-raising and generally increasing awareness about current legislative issues among members. Chair and Chapter Delegates participate in monthly CLAC telephone conferences and presentation of periodic legislative updates at programs, as necessary. Attendance at CLAC’s annual “CA Day at the Capitol” and “A Day in the District” is encouraged. Time commitment: As necessary to meet lobbying demands at local level.

Erik M Rivera, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®


Committee chair
Manhattan Pacific Management, Inc.


Manager Education

This committee updates and maintains materials for CID Law courses and Manager-Only Workshops. Additional responsibilities include publicizing national PMDP courses, overseeing the Coaching to Credentials manager mentor program and designing a community college curriculum. This committee comprises Managers and Business Partners. Time commitment: Meetings as needed.

Shauna Gatlin, cmca®

committee co-chair
HOA Organizers Inc., AAMC®

Amy Yankauskas, CCAM®, CMCA®, AMS®

committee co-chair
The Ocean Club

Mediation Services

The committee is responsible for monitoring and expanding the Mediation Services program offering low-cost mediation to both members and non-members who wish to mediate CID matters. Time commitment: Meetings as needed.

Erik m Rivera, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

committee co-chair
Manhattan Pacific Management, Inc.

Jessica Koval, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

Committee co-chair


The Membership Committee is responsible for membership development, including recruiting new members and retaining current members. Committee members are also ambassadors who staff registration tables, welcome new members and host potential members at Chapter functions. Committee members also serve as liaisons, ensuring that members are informed, involved and recognized for their contributions to the Chapter. Liaisons also contact continuing members periodically to ensure that the Chapter is meeting their needs and providing worthwhile benefits. Time commitment: This committee also assures that CAI-GLAC provides an appropriate array of sponsorship opportunities on an equitable basis to showcase Business Partners’ companies, products and services to the membership. It is responsible for Tricks of the Trade (new business partner orientation), Holiday Happy Hour and regional happy hours throughout the year. One meeting per month, plus attendance at events.

mimi cortes

committee co-chair
sax insurance agency


committee co-chair


The Programs Committee plans and stages Educational Luncheons during the year. Time commitment: Monthly meetings, plus attendance at luncheons to assist as necessary.

Sascha Macias, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

committee co-chair
roseman law apc


Flint Faulkner, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

committee co-chair
Action Property Management



The Publications Committee oversees the FOCUS Magazine, the Website and the annual Membership Directory. Committee members work on themes and content for six magazines printed each year, and add new features to the ever-growing Website and Membership Directory. One key objective will be to establish and follow strict deadlines for all publications. Time commitment: As necessary.

Jocelle maliwanag

committee co-chair
American heritage landscape


Diane Rossiter MBA, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

committee co-chair
Bell Canyon Association



The committee is responsible for putting on Dodger Game Night (July) and the Awards Gala (November). The Awards Gala is the second largest fund-raiser for the Chapter. The group puts together a budget, decides the location and the sponsorship package necessary to attract additional participation by Chapter members, and stages the event. Time commitment: Monthly meetings throughout the year and weekly meetings in the month prior to each major event.

Michael Valenzuela

committee co-chair
Vista Paint Corporation

Karen Kokowicz, CCAM®, CMCA®, PCAM®

Committee co-chair
Coro Community Management & Consulting


Social Media

Responsibilities include: 1) disseminating information about upcoming events and news through social media channels to raise community awareness of CAI and its benefits, 2) developing and implementing a social media strategy, 3) promoting Chapter events in order to maximize manager and association membership and participation, 4) conducting opinion and statistical surveys, and soliciting ideas for future Chapter offerings. The Social Media Committee will work with other committees, as necessary, to develop a plan for promoting those respective committees’ activities in order to draw more public and member support. Time commitment: As necessary to successfully promote the organization.

Nicole Feuerhelm

committee chair
Select Painting & Construction Inc.