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The Greater Los Angeles Chapter of Community Associations Institute has extended its call for nominations deadline to Friday September 24, 2010, in order to clarify requirements and to give all those who meet the basic qualifications a chance to have their names on the ballot.


The term is for three (3) years to begin in January 2011. Four board seats are available. The election will be held on Wednesday, November 17, in conjunction with the Educational Luncheon.

The Board’s 13 members are responsible for the Chapter’s policy and governance and reflect CAI’s multi-disciplinary membership with at least two (2) Community Association Volunteer Leaders; three (3) Community Association Managers or Management Company representatives; three (3) Business Partners; and seven (7) At-Large Members.  Furthermore, no one representation group may comprise more than 50% of the board.  To ensure there is equitable representation on the Board, only one representative (including principals and employees) from a member firm, association, company, or organization is eligible to run for, or sit on, the Board at any one time.

Currently the 2010 Board of Directors consists of six (6) Business Partners; five (5) Community Association Managers; and two (2) Community Association Volunteer Leaders.  The 2011 board will include the following continuing members from 2010 (excluding board members who may be re-elected):  four (4) Community Association Managers; three (3) Business Partners; and two (2) Community Association Volunteer Leaders. 

Board service requires a commitment to attend at least 10 regularly scheduled meetings each year as well as an ability to perform additional Chapter service each month.  Furthermore, only Chapter members in good standing are eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors. 

Candidates eligible for election to the Board of Directors should 1) have been Chapter members in good standing for at least two (2) years; 2) be regular attendees at Chapter events; and 3) have served on a Chapter committee or otherwise served consistently as a speaker at Chapter programs or contributor of articles to Focus Magazine.
Candidates should also have a demonstrable record of both leadership ability and an ability to work with people.
Homeowner candidates should have performed successfully on their own association’s board and attended or participated in CAI-sponsored education programs.
Individuals interested in serving on the Chapter’s Board must submit a brief biography and 50 words describing why they would like to be a Director and what valuable qualities and talents they would bring to the Board as a Director, ensuring receipt in the Chapter office no later than Friday, September 24, 2010. Click here to obtain a Nomination Form.
The Nominating Committee will determine if you meet the basic qualifications. If all is in order, your name will be placed on the ballot.