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Time to Celebrate Excellence!

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What is Excellence?    
 Distinction, quality, superiority, brilliance, 

<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 12pt;’=””>                            greatness, merit, caliber

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Nominations are now open for the

CAI-GLAC 2017 Industry Excellence Awards.

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<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 12pt;’=””>Take this opportunity to recognize a co-worker, colleague or professional for outstanding achievement or service in 2017.

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<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 16pt;’=””>This is so important that we are holding a special 


<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” rgb(68,=”” 68,=”” 68);=”” 16pt;’=””>January 10, 2018

<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” rgb(68,=”” 68,=”” 68);=”” 16pt;’=””>Skirball Cultural Center

<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=”” rgb(68,=”” 68,=”” 68);=””> 

<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 12pt;’=””> 

—a STAND-ALONE PARTY LUNCH <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 12pt;’=””>honoring the nominees and recipients.



 Criteria for Nominations:

  1. <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=””>Identity of the person nominating will not be disclosed.
  2. <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=””>You may nominate multiple nominees for each category.
  3. <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=””>Candidate must be a member of this chapter to be considered.
  4. <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=””>Self-nominations are not permitted.
  5. <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=””>Download the Nomination Form(see Quick Tools box to right).
  6. <span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” 10pt;’=””>NOMINATIONS WILL CLOSE NOVEMBER 17. 

<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 10pt;’=””>Submit all nominations to glacawards@gmail.com

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<span “arial”,sans-serif;’=””>The award categories are listed below. 

The award descriptions and Nomination Form are attached for your use.

<span “arial”,sans-serif;=”” black;=”” 10pt;’=””>Use additional sheets if needed.



CAI-GLAC Industry Excellence Awards

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Excellence in Education Award: Most outstanding program or speaker at an educational event based upon subject matter, content and reviews.

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Editor’s Award: Author of the most significant or impactful article.

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Company Spotlight Award: Management company or business partner company that has made a significant contribution to the industry.


Excellence in Community Leadership: Community association volunteer or board member who stands out in his/her community.

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Innovative Management Award: Manager who has dramatically improved growth, saved money, increased efficiency or created new services/processes.

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Chapter Appreciation Award: CAI-GLAC member who has provided continued dedication to the Chapter.


Stephanie Sanders Outstanding Service Award: CAI-GLAC member who has contributed outstanding service and dedication. 

Rising Star Award(s): New CAI member (within the first two years of membership) who has demonstrated a high level of commitment and participation. 

Committee of the Year: Committee whose contributions have been outstanding and benefited the Chapter as a whole.


Rookie Manager of the Year: New manager within the last two years who is committed and given noteworthy service to the communities they manage.

On-site Manager of the Year: On-site or high-rise manager who stands out in the unique environment of high-rise or on-site community association management. 

Portfolio Manager of the Year: Portfolio manager who has demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to their management company and communities they serve.