$65.00 / month for 12 months

$65/month (12 Month Minimum)
We have added the keyword search ability to our new website. Highlight your company by reserving an industry word that will be unique to your company when searched. Your logo will appear on the document result of the search. The logo will have an active link to your company website.

Choose Three (3) Keywords or Terms * 

Choose three keywords (or search terms) for which you want to be the top result on every page of the CAI-GLAC website. Please space each keyword with a comma. For example, a plumber may want the following three keywords and terms:
plumber, emergency plumbing, south bay plumber

Keywords and search terms will be awarded in the order purchases are received–please enter your best selection now. If you need help, enter “help” and the office will reach out as soon as they are able to help you set your desired keywords and terms.

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