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2015 Chapter
Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient


Michael Huffman of Management Professionals, Inc. AAMC® received the 2015 Chapter Volunteer
of the Year Award at the CAI Legislative Action Committee Day at the Capitol on
April 18 because of his support of the Buck-a-Door Campaign over several years.

A management
company CAI member since 1992, Mr. Huffman has always believed in the value of
advocacy and communicated the importance of representation in Sacramento to his
community association clients. Since 1992 he has not only educated his HOA
boards about current legislation and the latest news from Sacramento, but actually
has made sure that his association clients honored their obligation to support
the Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) by including a Buck-a-Door contribution
fund in their budgets.

Mr. Huffman
has encouraged the vast majority of his clients to support CLAC by including a
single line item to fund the contribution to each proposed budget. The budget
item is explained simply enough:

Contribution is included to contribute funds to CAI’s California Legislative
Action Committee (CAI-CLAC). CAI-CLAC is a volunteer committee consisting of
homeowners and professionals serving HOAs. It is also the largest organization
in America dedicated to monitoring legislation, educating elected state lawmakers, and protecting the
interests of those living in HOAs. It is entirely funded by contributions. More
information can be found at http://www.caicalif.org/.
We recommend, and have budgeted for, an annual contribution of $2.00 per unit,
or $24.00, whichever is greater. If this budget is approved, we will issue a
check for your Association to CAI-CLAC for the budgeted contribution in the
first month of the fiscal year.”

contributions are not trivial.  They account
for approximately 20% of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter’s annual CLAC $24,000+
contribution. Also, approximately 70 of these associations that donated to the
California Legislative Action Committee are not current CAI members. This is a
huge opportunity for us to begin communicating with them about a path to
membership—an opportunity that would otherwise not exist. Mr. Huffman has also
encouraged other management companies to adopt this budgeting protocol,
multiplying its success. Management Professionals, Inc. AAMC® is
also a generous contributor to the CLAC Challenge that we hold at the annual November
Legislative Update Luncheon.