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Get Your Name Out There!

Your membership has minimal value if you don’t let community association managers and board members know who you are and what services you can provide. Here are some ways that you can build company awareness and increase your chances of making it onto a bid list:

Web Site Advertising

Listing in On-line Directory

A listing in one category with all your contact information is a member benefit. If you pay for listings in additional categories in our printed Membership Directory, you will be listed in those same categories on-line at no additional charge.

Link to Your Company Website

We link your listing in our online Directory to your company Website so others can learn more about you. Managers and board members enjoy this feature when they are doing their homework to evaluate service providers.

Logo on the Home Page

For $800 per 12-month period, we’ll put your company’s logo on the CAI-GLAC home page with a link to your Website. This opportunity is limited to the first 18 companies on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Logo on Registration Confirmation Page 

More than 90% of our attendees register for events through our Website. For $400 per quarter, build name recognition by having your company logo appear on each attendee’s confirmation receipt that they print and save—every time they register.
Limited to 2 quarters per year. 

Banner Ad at Top of Your Directory Category

For $550 per 12-month period, we’ll place your banner ad at the top of your category in our on-line directory, with no additional charge for design. Why not allow managers to notice you first? Your full contact information will still be listed within the category. Limited to three companies per category. First-come, first-served. .