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We hope that you will take advantage of our many features and easy-to-use registration. 


How to Sign Up for Events Online

Here are the steps to sign up for anything online:

  1. Go to Upcoming CAI Events in the center of Home Page.
  2. Click on the name of the event which takes you to a detail page.
  3. Go down to the Register Now box and click on Register Now.
  4. Your user name is your email address.
    Your password is 4343434. (You can change it in the future by going into Members Only and Updating Your Profile.)
  5. If the system doesn’t recognize your email address, you may have to create a profile for yourself. 
  6. Try to sign up as a Returning Member or Guest because Joan has entered profiles for 90% of possible attendees already. If you are a Homeowner in an Association or a new rep for your company (secondary to the main contact) and this is your first time, you would be considered a Guest.
  7. Find the box that is your category of membership ("Manager" means "Association Manager" and does not apply to Vendors), and fill in your  name in that category box.
  8. If you want to sign up others along with you, please type in their names, separated by a comma.
  9. Adjust the number, depending on how many you are signing up,
  10. Click on Add to Cart.
  11. It takes you to your cart, where you can review your registrations.
  12. If you want to sign up for another event at the same time, repeat #1-10, and the new registration is added to your cart. 
  13. If all is OK, click on Complete My Registration.It  may come back saying that you need to put in billing information in order to check out.
  14. Enter your credit card number, etc. It comes to the Chapter Office over a secure line and Joan runs the credit card in the office. Very secure. If you don’t want to enter a credit card, go back to the event page, print off the flyer, complete and fax to the Chapter Office at




  15. After you have entered your billing information, you click to return to your cart and Proceed to Check Out, which you do.
  16. If all is success, you will receive a confirmation. Please remember to complete your registration. Otherwise, it will sit in your cart and never make it to Joan’s desk.
  17. Once you are registered on the site, it is quick and easy to sign up for events, as the site will �auto fill�� the registration form after your e-mail is entered.  You do not have to be a member to attend our events. However, membership gives you the benefit of attending at the member price and receiving many other benefits.
  18. We encourage all chapter members to go to the Members Only category on the left Navigation Bar and click on �Update Your Profile�� now. 

Adding a Company Profile to a
Management Company or Service Provider Listing

Management companies and service providers can have their own Web Page with a 500-character description of their company services or products, as well as adding a picture  or logo for visual effect.   

To see how this can work for you, go to the Directories tab on the left side of the Home page.  Select �Service Providers,� scroll down and click on �Security.�  This will take you to the listing of security companies.  Click on the company name �Securitas Security Services USA,� , and you will be taken to their Web page.  They have both a company description and a picture/logo. For another example, go to �Fire & Water Damage� and Click on �Servpro of Burbank, Chatsworth��

To add these features to your page, simply go to the Members Only tab on the left side of the home page and click on �Update your Profile.�  The ability to access this area is keyed to the main contact�s e-mail address and their passcode 4343434 (unless they have already changed it to something else). Fill in the �Company Description� section (up to 50 words) and when you click on �Update Your Profile� at the bottom, this description will appear on your Web page.   If you want to add a picture or company logo, e-mail it to the Chapter Office at joan@cai-glac.org. There is no charge for creating or maintaining your Web page. It is a benefit of membership.


We hope that you will take advantage of the many new features and resources now available on the site, and we look forward to receiving any suggestions or comments.

Lynne Collmann

Website Committee Chair